Ride Modules

The Ride system is modular by design which allows us to keep prices down. The core system may be improved further with modular add-ons. These enhancements may be added to your Ride installation at any time.

Secure Kit *SHIPPED BY 4/1/2017* $159

An added layer of security. The RIDE Secure kit adds a perimeter sensor, and a 120DB smart siren. Powered by Scorpio Secure technology and only compatible with the RIDE core system.

  • Perimeter Sensor
  • 120 dB Siren
  • Installation harness
  • No OEM Integration Kit Needed!

Compatible only with the Ride Core System – not compatible with rLiNK SR-I1100.

Ride Secure Remote $99

Need a replacement, or second remote for your Ride Secure alarm? This is the remote for you.

This small handheld remote incorporates an interactive LCD display that instantly confirms all commands and alarm triggers with easy to understand icons and text. The Ride Secure Remote uses an impact resistant case for rugged use and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Comes with an AC charger and instructions on how to encode the remote to your Ride Secure alarm system.

Compatible only with the Ride Core System with Ride Secure Option – not compatible with rLiNK or other Scorpio Alarm systems.

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