Ride Core-S System $349.99

Cutting-edge and multi-purpose motorcycle device, providing security with always-on GPS tracking, reporting and analytics.

The Ride Core is a silent notification and tracking system.  Security features include:

  • Shock sensor- receive an alert when a significant impact is detected.
  • Tilt Sensor- receive an alert when the bike is tilted from its resting point.
  • Ignition Sensor- receive an alert when the engine has been started.
  • Anti-theft Geofencing Sensors- receive an alert when the bike leaves a small geographic location.
  • Power Interruption Sensor and Backup Battery- receive an alert when the power has been cut to the security device. This triggers the Backup Battery, which will report status and location for a few days after disconnect.
  • Emergency Mode- allow law enforcement to temporarily access your stolen bike’s location by giving them a simple 4-digit pin code.

All Notifications are sent directly to your phone via the Ride app, SMS or even email, giving you a virtually unlimited monitoring range.

The Ride Core also provides analytics, sharing and social media capability.  Analyze your rides and share with your friends through our iOS App,  Android app or on your PC!  Reporting and analytics features include:

  • Ride Segments- Easily access and analyze your ride segments. Segments capture the elapsed time, speed and route.
  • Ride Playback- Relive your favorite rides by activating your 3D Ride Playback through Google Earth.
  • Share with friends- Add photos to your segments, and share your rides via social media.
  • Geofencing alerts- Set geofence locations and automatically alert your family and friends of your location.

The Ride Core-S update includes the following:

  • Improved cellular connectivity.
  • Improved Backup Battery performance.
  • Reduced power draw.

*The Ride Core requires a cellular data plan.
*Not compatible with Scorpio Connector Kits.

SRX Integration Harness $19.95

This harness enables the Ride Core S GPS Tracking system to work in conjunction with the SRX-800 and SRX-900 alarm systems.

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