Long range, Hands Free Notification System

Long Range Security Notifications

Receive notifications up to 2 miles away


Notifications Sent Directly To Your Smartphone in Real-Time

Receive immediate alerts when someone gets too close, touches, moves or starts your motorcycle. You are always in the know.

No Monthly Fee or Limit

Maverick keeps you connected at a distance without monthly fee or alert limitations

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No need to ask, it works for your motorcycle!

The Maverick is designed to work for all motorcycles, UTVs and powersports vehicles. Have no fear with the simple 3 wire installation harness. Attach the harness to the battery positive and negative terminals and license plate light power wire. Thats it, anyone can do it!


Just Get On and Ride

Maverick provides a hands-free riding experience using RFID technology, the easiest way to arm and disarm without having to reach for your remote

How It Works

Ultra Low Power Consumption

As technology is getting energy efficient, so are we! The Maverick is designed for the lowest power consumption possible.

Compact Slim Design

With a 25% smaller form factor than our previous products, the Maverick can be installed in more tight spaces.

Height: 3.3in (85mm)

Width: 2.8in (71mm)

Depth: 0.8in (22mm)


Optional Perimeter Sensor

Designed for those who ride and want to protect their motorcycle accessories, gear and luggage. Also great for owners who simply do not want people to get too close for comfort.

Status and History

Free Smartphone App

See your system status, alert history, motorcycle battery voltage and ignition state with Maverick's free smartphone app available on Google Play and Apple Store.


Turn on and off alerts right from your phone.


Stay alert with real-time movement & security alerts direct to your phone and watch.

Relax. Maverick Has You Covered.

Always know whats happening no matter where you park.