SRX-800 Security System



Limited Time Special – 50% off Perimeter Sensor (Perimeter Sensor must be selected).

The SRX-800 Security System Hands-Free, motorcycle alarm system provides the convenience of hands-free operation combined with a compact security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.  The SRX-800 Security System is an effective, easy to install Security System that is compatible with just about any 12V motorcycle.



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SRX-800 Security System kit includes:

  • Hands-free Smart remote: Our smart remote provides a hands free experience, the easiest way to arm and disarm without having to reach for your remote.
  • Main control module with built in siren: The Main Control Module has built in shock, tilt and ignition sensors. The built in 125db multi-tone siren will make them wish they never touched your bike.
  • 3 wire installation harness: You can do it yourself with the simple 3-wire harness. If you need help, a SCORPIO Pro is ready and waiting.
  • RFID Antenna

Optional accessories:

  • Perimeter sensor: The sensor that detects if anyone gets too close to your bike or saddlebags.
  • Starter disable: The ultimate theft deterrent, prevent thieves from riding off.
  • Backup remote: Want a second remote? The SRX-800 Security System is compatible with up to 2 Hands-free remotes. Add an additional hands-free remote.

OEM integration kits: (Optional and not required)

  • Our OEM integration kits will plug inline of the rear turn signals and license plate light or rear tail light connections on available models. This kit takes the guess work out of finding a switch power source. Simply connect to your license plate light connector, and left and right rear turn signals, connect the SRX main harness to battery + and – and you are done.
  • All Scorpio alarm systems come with a easy to install three wire, universal harness. The universal harness connects directly to the + and – battery terminals and positap connector will connect to a switch power source. A good switch power source is a running light or license plate light positive wire. Switch power can be anything that has 12v when the bike is on, and 0 volts when the bike is off.
  • Some kits will not connect to turn signals based on the electrical architecture of the bike.


  • Want hands-free operation, but looking for alerts to a remote? Try our SRX-900
  • The SRX-900 does not have GPS tracking or alerts to your phone.
  •  Are looking for notifications to your phone or GPS tracking? Take a look at our RLINK system.

Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3.5 in
Perimeter Sensor?

No Perimeter Sensor, Perimeter Sensor (+$49.99)

Starter Disable?

No Starter Disable, Starter Disable (+$29.99)

Want a back up remote?

No Additional Remotes, Hands free Remote (+$29.99)

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