Scorpio Alarms
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    The best-selling in the industry.
    The ultimate theft deterrent.

A whole new kind of motorcycle security.

Most security systems are built around thieves. But you're not a thief. The Scorpio SRX is easy for Riders. And it's only tough when you need it to be.

SRX Alarm, siren, motion sensing accelerometer and the brains of the system.
Smart Remotes The easist way to arm and disarm without your hands, real-time alerts so you're always in the know.
Perimeter Sensor The sensor that detects if anyone gets too close to your bike or saddlebags.
Ignition Disable The ultimate theft deterent, prevent thieves from riding off.
Never too far away

"If someone gets too close or attempts to steal your bike an alert will be sent to your 2-way remote."

Check your smart remote to see what triggered the alert - either someone got too close to your bags, touched your bike or tried to move it.

Then you can call the police or your emergency contacts.

Factory connection sample
Factory connection sample
Just get on and ride

Our smart remotes provide a hands free experience, the easiest way to arm and disarm without having to reach for your remote.

We are the only solutions in the powersports space to offer this type of RFID technology.

We get it because we're Riders too.

Ear-piercingly loud.

As loud as we can make it, our 125db multi-tone siren will make them wish they never touched your bike.

Factory connection sample

One system can sense up to 5 things

The SRX can sense if someone gets too close to your bike, touches it, starts to move it, attempts to start it or cuts the battery; if they can even get that far. And the best part is, SRX will let you know in real-time.

Factory connection sample
Always know what's happening

If the alarm goes off, a real-time security alert will be pushed to your smart remote with alerts.

Check to see what the threat is and then call the police.

It's easy to install You can do it yourself with the simple 3-wire harness. If you need help, a SCORPIO Pro is ready and waiting.
Security you can count on It's waterproof and includes a backup battery, so no matter the weather conditions, the SRX stays up and running.
Proven technology 20+ years of iterating and improving are captured in the SRX, including our experience in sourcing only the best components.

Trusted by those that ride...

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