How it works

Always-on, modular hardware GPS, Telematics & Security in one. Fitted in minutes at home: simply connect to your motorcycle battery and ignition source with the provided connectors.
Your rides in the cloud Ride employs a cloud-based server-to-device architecture so that you can securely access your Ride data from any device, anywhere.
With you all of the time Record Rides, access previous ride stats, send security commands, check maintenance reminders, and monitor your bike remotely. Available on Android/iOS & Mac/PC.

Connected Security

Early warning: Instant alerts

With advanced tamper sensors, movement detection, and security level configurations, you will know if there is trouble - as it happens. Configure push, SMS, and email notifications and receive an alert instantly if someone is tampering with your motorcycle.

GPS Monitoring:
Track your bike
Keep tabs on your bike and receive alerts instantly for theft/tampering events. Rest assured that Ride will always be on alert.
Stolen bike?
Help the police
Allow enforcement authorities temporary live access to your stolen bike's location by giving them a simple pin-code.

Rider Profile

Capture riding data

Where did you go?
How fast were you going?
Share your stats and get the
bragging rights you deserve.

Ride Segments
Always logged
Capture your ride, route, distance, and speed. Add notes and photos along the way, then upload them on the go to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
Location Alerts
Use the Ride app to setup automatic location alerts so that you can share your location with friends and family. Let fellow riders know your location as you are riding.

App Features

Current Location / Monitoring / Modules

View your bike's location, wherever you are. Receive stats about your bike's battery, status, and your ignition status.

New Ride / Ride Log / Ride Detail

Automatically capture your every ride. See your rides' distance, speed, and heading. View details of your previous rides.

Remote / Notification Panel / Alert Overlay

Receive notifications about your bike's security. Emergency Mode will let you notify authorities whenever your bike is in trouble.

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