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With a powerful yet compact unit, Scorpio motorcycle alarms deliver advanced sensing and security technologies. The control module incorporates an integrated 120dB multi-tone siren, tri-axis accelerometer, and a dual-frequency RF circuit. Hands-free arm/disarm and a precision microwave sensor ensure high level of security with simple and convenient operation. And with waterproof connectors, triple layer circuit board design and a unique encapsulation process Scorpio alarms will provide years of reliable, worry-free security for your motorcycle.

Sample Devices

Proven Technology

RFID By incorporating RFID, Scorpio alarms know when a remote is in range. With Arm/Disarm hands-free operation, you can jump on your motorcycle or park it knowing that you are always protected - without having to reach for the remote.
2-way Technology Utilizing a powerful FM circuit, Scorpio 900 guards your bike and lets you know whenever there is trouble - while it is happening - not after. The hands-free LCD Remote has a 1/2 mile range, and is constantly monitoring and displaying the current system status.
Sensor Aware Scorpio Alarms combine an accelerometer that detects shock and tilt, with an optional microwave sensor that will alert to any motion within a close proximity to the bike. The sensor reacts with a high degree of accuracy to prevent tampering with parts and accessories on the motorcycle.

No-hassle Install

The single compact module and the simplified three wire do-it-yourself installation kit makes installing a Scorpio alarm a snap on any motorcycle.

Do it yourself sample Do-it-yourself Scorpio features are all packed into a single compact module. And with the provided easy to follow step-by-step instructions, installation is simple. The module connects directly to battery positive and negative, and an ignition source.
Factory connection sample OEM Integration Kits While all Scorpio systems are universal and will fit on any motorcycle, the available OEM Integration kits will plug directly into the factory connectors on most bikes, making installation simple and clean.
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