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I recently installed the Scorpio Ride system on my new motorcycle. About a week after installation I was at home and suddenly received a “Shock Alarm” alert. I ran straight to my bike downstairs and by the time I got to it the ignition had been drilled out and my bike was fully on. Thanks to the Scorpio alarm and the fact they were unable to silence it, the thieves went running. Luckily the damage was minimal and I was back up and riding in no time. The investment of the alarm was more than worth it considering it saved my brand new bike from being stolen.


Hey guys! I want to say thank you for your working product! My bike was stolen here in Australia and it has been recovered 10 hours later.


I am writing to express my gratitude on how well your product works. Recently, my motorcycle was stolen from the parking garage of my apartment complex. Usually, I have my bike chained to a structural pole via kryptonite chain coupled with a bike cover. I heard a loud “snap” outside and the alarm go off shortly after. When I went downstairs to see that my bike was not in its usual spot, I panicked, and proceeded to call 911. I then accessed the ride core app on my phone and it showed me where the thief was! The cops came and we all huddled over my phone screen to update the dispatch about the thief’s location. Officers were alerted and tried to pull him over but he sped off, hitting a top speed of 157 mph according to the app. After following the bike across three counties on my phone, the thief became stationary in what looked to be a place of residence. The local police department was able to recover the bike and I went and picked it up the next day. I thought this would be a great story to share with you guys, and I can definitely say that I will be installing all of my future motorcycles with your products.


I’ve had my system for about a month now and it’s awesome. I ordered the base system and all options except the perimeter sensor. The system is easy to install and instructions were great. The online maps features are really cool for tracking rides and sharing them with friends. This is a definite product that I’d recommend to friends.



I rarely write reviews but this deserves. Live in Republic of Ireland and was looking at having to purchase two alarms to get paging feature and GPS. I bought alarm from shop in Europe and installed on my 2004 R1 using OEM connector kit, very easy. I have SR-i900 on my RVF which is great alarm but the SR-i1100 is just brilliant. It has yet to test itself during a theft and hope it never does, proximatity sensor is great deterrent. Great product, well recommended!


Thanks guys for all your help. This is the best alarm system I’ve ever witnessed and had the benefit and advantage of owning. I was able to recover my bike within hours. I knew where my bike was and could direct the authorities to its location with accuracy and precision. You’ve made a believer out of not just me, but the police and friends that were with me. In addition and maybe more importantly, the GPS system in my bike created an opportunity for the police to recover other stolen bikes and bike parts during the bust led by your system. Thanks again.


I own a 2009 GSX-R1000, this is my second bike. After my first bike was stolen, I told to myself “this will not happen again”. When I first learned about Scorpio devices I researched and was hooked. Cheaper and more convenient than Lo-Jack. I love it everyone where I live is aware of my alarm due to the perimeter sensor. My neighbors get mad when it goes off but I know that it is working. Even if im not home I recieve a text message letting me know what kind of alarm was triggered. Earlier this year my first motorcycle was stolen during the hot season for motorcycle thefts but this year im ready in more ways than one. Love this system!


The system works. You’re only limited by how quickly you’ve realized your baby has been stolen. I knew within minutes of viewing the map, where the bike was located. I notified local law enforcement and provided them with the device’s information. The bike was recovered and returned to its rightful home.


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