SRX-900 Security System


The SRX-900 Hands-Free, 2-way motorcycle alarm system provides the convenience of hands-free operation combined with a compact two-way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.  The Scorpio SRX-900 is an effective, easy to install Security System that is compatible with any 12V motorcycle.



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SRX-900 kit includes:

  • Hands-free Smart remote with Alerts and USB charger: Our smart remote provides a hands free experience, the easiest way to arm and disarm without having to reach for your remote. If the alarm goes off, a real-time security alert will be pushed to your remote. Check your remote to see what triggered the alert – either someone got too close to your bags, touched your bike or tried to move it.
  • Main control module with built in siren: The Main Control Module has built in shock, tilt and ignition sensors. The built in 125db multi-tone siren will make them wish they never touched your bike.
  • 3 wire installation harness: You can do it yourself with the simple 3-wire harness. If you need help, a SCORPIO Pro is ready and waiting.
  • RFID Antenna

Optional accessories:

  • Perimeter sensor: The sensor that detects if anyone gets too close to your bike or saddlebags.
  • Starter disable: The ultimate theft deterent, prevent thieves from riding off.
  • Backup remote: Want a second remote? The SRX-900 is compatible with up to 2 remotes. Choose between the hands-free remote or an additional hands-free remote with alerts. The choice is yours.


Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 4 in
Perimeter Sensor?

No Perimeter Sensor, Perimeter Sensor (+$49.99)

Starter Disable?

No Starter Disable, Starter Disable (+$29.99)

Want a back up remote?

No Additional Remotes, Hands free Remote with Alerts (+$129.99), Hands free Remote (+$29.99)