USB Remote Charger



Replacement remote charger for all Scorpio rechargeable remotes.

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Compatible with all Scorpio rechargeable remotes. Use this with your favorite USB ac adaptor(not included). The USB Remote Charger will work universally and allow riders to easily carry the charger in a pocket or in the bikes storage.  This also allows for universal application for international customers.

The USB Remote Charger cord will work for the following transceivers;

  • TRX-9 (SRX-900) (Smart remote with alerts)
  • TRS-9 (SR-i900)
  • RIDE SECURE remote
  • TRS-7b (SR-i500SW, SR-600)
  • Victory accessory alarm system remotes, powered by Scorpio
  • Slingshot accessory alarm system remotes, powered by Scorpio

*We no longer produce the wall style plug in charger. It has been replaced with this universal USB style charger.

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