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1. Download the App

Ride is available for both iOS and Android

App Store Google Play

2. Install

These guides will help you install Ride Core. Installation is straightforward and requires very few tools.

Ride Core Ride Secure Ride TPM

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3. Signup

Use our iOS or Android app to join the Ride Community: add your bike, create a bike profile, add current mileage, and your VIN.

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4. Scan

Use your smartphone camera to scan your Ride Core ID (IMEI) located on the back of the device or Ride packaging.

5. Activate

If you purchased the Core device with a subscription plan, you should already have an activation code. Otherwise, visit the store to add a subscription (activation code will be emailed).

6. Ride

Enjoy the ride. Join our Facebook and Twitter community, and share your rides and stories with other Riders. See you on the road.

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