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Sometimes your motorcycle isn’t the only thing that needs protection! The Perimeter Sensor provides a remote activated microwave sensor that detects motion in mass around the motorcycle protecting your saddlebags, luggage and other external accessories. The built in Three Stage warning chirps serve as an early warning system to scare away potential thieves.

It has and adjustable sensitivity, and easily turned on or off as needed. No additional installation necessary, the easy to use addition simply plugs in to the accessory harness of any Scorpio Alarms SR series, SRX series, Maverick, or rLink(sr-i1100), Ride Core system.

Not compatible with Scorpio GPS

PLEASE NOTE: The Scorpio Alarms Perimeter Sensor is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. The SN-5 Perimeter sensor is not a standalone proximity sensor and requires an SR series, SRX series system to operate.

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Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions4 × 2 × .5 in

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