TRX-8 (SRX Add-on/Replacement Remote)



SRX-800/SRX-900 Remote

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NEW – Scorpio TRX-8 Hands-Free Replacement/Add-on Remote

The TRX-8 remote incorporates hands-free arming/disarming by utilizing RFID technology built in. This rugged handheld transceiver uses an impact resistant casing for more rugged use as well as a built-in replaceable CR2032 battery.

* Compatible only with SRX-900 and SRX-800 security systems *

If you are looking for a replacement remote for the SR-i800 or Sr-i1100 rLiNK systems, Please follow this link: TRS-8 Replacement remote for SR-i800

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Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions.3 × 1.5 × .46 in