Ride Modules

The Ride Core S system is modular by design which allows us to keep prices down.

The core system may be improved further with our new SRX kits.

These enhancements may be added to your Ride Core S installation at any time.

SRX/RIDE Bundle $499.99

NEW – Scorpio SRX/Ride Core S Bundle

The all new Scorpio SRX/Ride Core S Bundle provides the convenience of a hands-free compact security system, combined with always-on cellular notifications, GPS tracking, reporting and analytics.

Bundle Features:

  • Included Scorpio SRX Hands-Free Motorcycle Security System with TRX-8 remote (TRX-9 2-way LCD Remote Purchased Separately)
  • Included Ride Core S silent notification and tracking system
  • Included Ride/SRX Integration Harness
  • A bundled savings of $69.98

Optional Accessories:

  • Optional Perimeter Sensor (SN-5): Receive alerts when anyone gets too close, or tampers with your bags, accessories, or gear. The Perimeter Sensor is fully adjustable and can be easily switched on or off.
  • Multiple remote capability – Multiple remotes can be programmed to each system simultaneously, compatible with TRX-9 and TRX-8 remotes.

SRX Integration Harness $19.95

This harness enables the Ride Core S GPS Tracking system to work in conjunction with the SRX-800 and SRX-900 alarm systems.

You've added a data plan for your Ride Core S!

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